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Warlock Gear

The Warlock Challenge Mode set provides the user with the terrifying visage of a demonic lord. With curved horns and an appearance which hearkens back to the days of the Burning Crusade, the Warlock set is modeled after the Demon Hunters of World of Warcraft’s lore. More specifically, the set features green tattoos reminiscent of Illidan’s own fel magic markings on his chest in official World of Warcraft art and game sources. The set is absolutely one of the most visually impressive available in the game. When channeling or casting spells, the base of each of the massive demonic horns will spawn glowing green fel fire as a cosmetic effect. Unlike most other sets in the game, this ¬†gear actually procs special effects on spell casts and other conditions. If you are one of the lucky few heroes that is able to brave Challenge Modes all the way to full gold, you’ll get a full set of this amazing gear to use as a transmog set. Along with the other cosmetic rewards available for Warlocks in Mists of Pandaria, the Challenge Mode gear set would be an impressive addition to any character’s collection of cosmetic transmog gear. With some practice, a little bit of luck, or friends, you might be able to grab your own full cosmetic set.

Warlock Challenge Mode Tips

Warlocks serve the same role as most ranged DPS in Challenge Modes. Your main role is to dish out as much damage as possible. If you’re going to have any hope of getting a hold of this amazing gear set, you’re going to need a group of five players who can perform competently on an endgame level. Challenge Modes are some of the most difficult content Blizzard Entertainment has ever offered in World of Warcraft. You’re going to need wits, skill, and a whole lot of invisibility potions in order to prevail. Warlocks will serve almost exclusively as a strong AoE and single-target damage dealer to assist the tank and healers in taking down large packs of mobs. Challenge Modes do not give you ample time to pull mobs and pause in-between. This means that you will most likely run short on mana if you don’t make effective use of your cooldowns. A decent tank in Challenge Modes will end up pulling anywhere between three and five mob packs in any given instance at once, and will not usually pause between pulls or rooms.

Warlocks are one of the preferred damage classes for Challenge Modes due to their fantastic damage output and crowd control capabilities. There is no general consensus on the best spec for Warlocks in Challenge Modes, but most people tend to play either Destruction or Demonology depending on their group composition. Groups that require a boatload of single-target caster DPS will generally prefer the Destruction Warlock build. Groups which desire survivability and AoE damage will usually ask their Warlock to spec over to Demonology to provide an effective boost to the group composition.

Warlock Challenge Mode Best Spec



The above talent build is regarded by most Warlocks to be the best choice for Challenge Modes.