Paladin Challenge Mode Gear - Challenge Mode Gear

Paladin Gear

Paladin Challenge Mode gear features a unique visual proc. The set was designed to exemplify the Paladin as a class, featuring ornate, angelic wings and other design elements. The gear triggers a special effect whenever a spell or ability is cast or channeled, and the blue crystals on the spaulders flash with white light. The Paladin gear is colored primarily with shades of blue and golden plate. The helm and set in general have a high-tech meets fantasy aesthetic, and the belt features two glowing swords crossed over the clip. No matter what spec you play, the Challenge Mode gear emits a blinding, white light that is sure to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and inspire your allies equally.

Paladin Challenge Mode Tips

To grab this amazing gear set, you’re going to need to put together a team of five dedicated players who can pull their own weight in dungeons. There’s no room for failure here, as every mob and boss pull matters. Paladins have the luxury of being able to choose between DPS, Healing, and Tank roles in order to fit to a wide variety of group configurations. This means they’ll be one of the most likely classes to be invited to Challenge Mode groups. This doesn’t mean you’ll have an easier time the other classes grabbing the Challenge Mode Gear, though.

Since Paladins can serve all three roles in Challenge Modes, you can pick what you’d like to play. DPS, Tank, and Healer Paladins all perform equally well in Challenge Modes given that the player behind the character is good enough to handle this type of gameplay. As long as you can put a group together and keep your head clear, you should be able to get a hold of the set.

Paladin Challenge Mode Best Spec

Unlike most of the other classes, there is no currently accepted “best talent spec” for Challenge Modes. All talents have use in different encounters, and there’s really no right answer. Just for the first tier, Speed of Light may come in handy for the Scarlet instances, but may be less useful in the Temple of the Jade Serpent. It’s all going to come down to if you’re playing Prot, Ret, or Holy and which talents will be best optimized for that build.

Some talents help improve AoE damage and healing, while some other choices will make your threat generation a lot more efficient or your single-target DPS a bit stronger. For ideas on how to gear and spec for your individual specialization, use a resource like MMORig.