Ancestral Phoenix Egg - Challenge Mode Gear

Ancestral Phoenix Egg

The Ancestral Phoenix Egg is a reward for all players who successfully complete the Challenge Conqueror: Silver achievement.  The Ancestral Phoenix Egg can be exchanged for one of four any mounts of your choice from a vendor in your faction’s capital city within the Vale of the Eternal Blossoms. You have a choice of four different Pandaren Phoenix mounts, but you may only choose one per character. Like Gladiator mounts, these mounts are not-account wide and are bound only to the character who completed the achievement. Your character may not complete the achievement more than once, and only one of the four color choices will be available to that character, so choose wisely.

You can see the different colors of Pandaren Phoenix mounts by clicking on the bar at the left. Make sure you choose the color of Pandaren Phoenix that you really want, because exchanges are not possible.

There are four available Pandaren Phoenix variations:

  • Crimson Pandaren Phoenix
  • Ashen Pandaren Phoenix
  • Emerald Pandaren Phoenix
  • Violet Pandaren Phoenix

You can trade with Kai Featherfall just outside the Seat of Knowledge to access the mounts once you’ve received your Ancestral Phoenix Egg.