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Challenge Mode Gear

Welcome to Challenge Mode Gear, here you’ll find guides, tips, and helpful resources for getting a hold of gold challenge mode gear on your class of choice as quickly as possible. This page serves as a preliminary summary to Challenge Modes as a game concept and mechanic. Challenge Modes are versions of 5-man dungeons in World of Warcraft which are considered significantly more difficult than their Normal or Heroic mode counterparts. Challenge Mode dungeons feature a unique and challenging implement: you must beat the clock as you race through the instance, in order to earn certain times to unlock new tiers of rewards. Depending on which dungeon you’re completing in challenge modes, these times will vary.¬†Most of the more difficult Challenge Modes will give you a bit more time to work with in order to get gold qualifying times.


Challenge Mode Differences from Heroics

  • Some mobs and bosses do greatly increased damage or self-healing compared to their Heroic counterparts. This is particularly true for caster mobs, which are known to take out players in just a few hits in some instances.
  • Challenge Modes are timed, and unlike Heroics you won’t have time to rest for drinks and food between pulls in most situations. Your tank will be pulling several packs of mobs. Combined with beefed-up enemies in Challenge Modes, this makes achieving top times exponentially more difficult than completing Heroic modes.
  • Most debuffs must be dispelled or cleansed immediately to avoid severe damage or other hampering effects.
  • Challenge Modes offer unique rewards like titles, mounts, and transmog gear which Heroics do not.

The difficulty of Challenge Mode dungeons vary. Some are only a little bit challenging to expert players, while many others are an obstacle to even the most seasoned veterans of World of Warcraft. You’ll need a solid group composition to tackle each of the Challenge Modes on qualifying times.

Challenge Mode Rewards

You will need to do every Challenge Mode in Bronze, Silver, or Gold before unlocking the rewards listed below. This will take a considerable amount of time and effort for most groups, and even some old pros will find Challenge Modes incredibly daunting. Blizzard stated at the time of Mists of Pandaria’s release that Challenge Modes, “[were] the most difficult content [they had] ever offered”

  • Bronze: Upon completing every Challenge Mode dungeon with Bronze or better, you will gain access to The Undaunted title for all of your level 90 toons.
  • Silver: When finishing all Challenge Modes with Silver or better, you will be given a character-bound Pandaren Phoenix mount (Choice of 4 colors).
  • Gold: ¬†Full Gold Challenge modes unlock a set of unique Transmog gear depending on your class.

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